My Guide to Rural Estate Subdivisions in Ottawa

Some of my favourite places in Ottawa are the many beautiful rural estate subdivisions. However, not all of them are one and the same.

With so many unique rural estate subdivisions across Ottawa, understanding their own differentiating features is crucial — especially if you are searching for your next home.

Depending on your lifestyle and living preferences, it’s important to know what each subdivision has to offer before you start looking for homes. That’s why I’ve put together a quick summary on each one below.

Whatever your next home wishlist looks like, I’m confident there’s a beautiful rural estate subdivision in Ottawa that will suit your needs perfectly.

This summary is a work in progress so if you have corrections or additions to pass along to me, I’m very happy to hear from you!

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  • Stonewalk Estates
  • Beckenridge Estates
  • Cam's Ridge
  • Crimson Ridge
  • Hayshore Estates
  • King's Creek Crossing
  • McEwen's Mill
  • Arbourbrook Estates
  • Canterberry Woods
  • Cedar Ridge Estates
  • Corkery Heights
  • Country Meadows
  • Deerwood Estates
  • Forestview Estates
  • Greystone Estates
  • Historic Elmwood
  • Huntley Ridge
  • Jiulia Lake Estates
  • Manion Heights
  • McGee Meadow Estates
  • Richardson Woods
  • Sierra Woods
  • Spruce Meadows
  • Spruce Woods
  • The Pinery
  • West Lake Estates
  • Culzean Heights
  • Dunrobin Lake
  • Julia Estates
  • Rock Ledge Estates
  • Kerscott Heights
  • Beachvale Estates
  • Black Horse Run
  • Cedar Hills
  • Loch March Estates
  • Marchbrook Circle
  • March Crest Estates
  • Marchvale Estates
  • Panandrick View Estates
  • Ravenview
  • Ridgeside Farm
  • Saddlebrooke Estates
  • Strathmere Estates
  • Vance Farm
  • Jordan Estates
  • Ridingview Estates
  • Ridgewood Estates

Stonewalk Estates

Street(s) Stonewalk Way, Cinnamon Crescent
Builder(s) Moderna Homes
Number of Lots 29
Natural Gas no
ISP Xplornet, Starlink

Beckenridge Estates

Street(s) Balmoral Drive, Facchin Drive, Michael Street, Northcote Drive
Builder(s) Grizzly Homes, custom
Natural Gas No

Cam's Ridge

Street(s) Cam's Way
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No

Crimson Ridge

Street(s) Timberwood Crescent
Builder(s) Doyle Homes, Grizzly Homes, custom
Natural Gas No
ISP Bell Fibe

Hayshore Estates

Street(s) Carlbeck Drive N&S, Mabel Crescent, Percy Crescent, Shanna Avenue
Builder(s) BLD Homes, Classic Dream Homes, Grizzly Homes, Luxart Homes
Natural Gas No

King's Creek Crossing

Street(s) Abner Poole Road, Harold Jones Way, Johnny Porter Court
Builder(s) Mackie Homes
Number of Lots 60
ISP Bell Fibe

McEwen's Mill

McEwen's Mill is a newer, rural subdivision comprising 60 open and wooded lots just off 10th Line.  Single access has created many outside lots, many backing on to an open space corridor for all to use via a recreational trail network to access lands to the west and east, then ultimately the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail.
Builder(s) BLD Homes
Number of Lots 60

Arbourbrook Estates

Street(s) Arbourbrook Boulevard, Covered Bridge Way Cyd Street, Ming Court
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas Yes
Association $125 annual association fee to cover maintenance of trail and private 20-acre park.

Canterberry Woods

Street(s) Wilbert Cox Drive
Natural Gas Yes

Cedar Ridge Estates

Street(s) Abbywood Court, Delaney Drive, Jacob's Gate, Rocky Creek Way
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No
ISP Bell Fibe

Corkery Heights

Street(s) Corkery Road, Corkery Woods Drive, Grey Fox Drive, Silent Wood Grove
Builder(s) Doyle Homes, Grizzly Homes, custom
Natural Gas No
ISP Bell Fibe

Country Meadows

Street(s) Country Carriage Way, Country Meadow Drive
Number of Lots 31

Deerwood Estates

Street(s) Deerwood Drive, Landmark Court, Morningdove Drive, Terraview Drive
Natural Gas No

Forestview Estates

Street(s) Deertail Lane, Marshwood Road
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No

Greystone Estates

Street(s) Greystone Crescent, Peter, Street, Stonehome Crescent
Natural Gas No

Historic Elmwood

The rural estate subdivision known as Historic Elmwood, near the Village of Carp, takes its name from Gourlay House or "Elmwood", constructed in either 1861 or 1891 (sources differ) by Hugh Gourlay, the son of John Gourlay, an Irish immigrant. It was a large Nepean sandstone structure, built to an unusual clover leaf-shaped plan. It continued to be occupied by descendants of the Gourlay family until 1961 when the last member of the Gourlay family moved out. The Gourlays played an active role in the early history of the area as they were among the first immigrants to arrive there and were well known in the community as farmers and community leaders. After it was abandoned, the house was vandalized and fell into ruin, finally burning in the early 1980s. The walls were exposed to the weather and plans to rebuild the house in the 1980s were not realized because of the expense of the undertaking. A large lot with the ruins on it eventually became part of the subdivision plan.
Street(s) Gourlay Lane, Lady Lochead Lane,
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No
ISP Bell Fibe

Huntley Ridge

Street(s) Locharron Crescent, Margaret Anne Drive
Natural Gas No

Jiulia Lake Estates

Shared sand beach on this private spring-fed lake. Private, clean and stocked with bass. Enjoy the walking trail around the lake.
Street(s) Jiulia Lake Private
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No
Association Annual community association fee of $1,200 includes taxes, snow removal and grass cutting of all common areas.

Manion Heights

Street(s) Carterfarm Crescent, Leadon Lane, Manion Heights Crescent
Natural Gas No

McGee Meadow Estates

Street(s) Cavanmore Road, Cedar Pond Road
Number of Lots 24
Natural Gas Yes
ISP Bell Fibe, Rogers

Richardson Woods

Street(s) Pennycross Lane
Builder(s) Doyle Homes, custom
Natural Gas Yes

Sierra Woods

Street(s) Pleasant Creek Drive, Sierra Woods Drive
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No
ISP Bell Fibe

Spruce Meadows

Street(s) Wildmeadow Circle
Natural Gas Yes
ISP Bell Fibe

Spruce Woods

Street(s) Grey Fox Drive
Natural Gas No

The Pinery

Street(s) Lady Slipper Way, Lasiandra Lane, Lupine Lane, Whitetail Drive
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No

West Lake Estates

Street(s) Lake Crest Way, West Lake Circle
Natural Gas Yes
Association $200 per year covers the cost of the maintenance of the shared lake

Culzean Heights

This lovely enclave of executive homes in Dunrobin features a community tennis court that is shared by all residents.
Street(s) David Kennedy Drive, Green Meadow Court, Scotch Pine Grove
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No
Association Annual community association fee of $50 to cover the costs associated with the communal tennis court

Dunrobin Lake

The beautiful estate homes of Dunrobin Lake are built around a private spring-fed lake.  Dunrobin Lake is right next door to the Constance Creek Conservation area where you can easily spot heron, osprey, beavers and otter.
Street(s) Blackberry Way, Constance Creek Drive, Duck Pond Place, Windigo Way
Builder(s) Maple Leaf Homes, custom
Natural Gas No

Julia Estates

Rock Ledge Estates

Street(s) Hedley Way
Builder(s) Patten Homes, Oakwood Homes, custom
Natural Gas Yes

Kerscott Heights

Kerscott Heights is a lovely rural estate subdivision in Dunrobin with executive homes.  Close proximity to the Ottawa River.
Street(s) Kerscott Heights Way, Kerry Hill Crescent, Scottwood Grove
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas No

Beachvale Estates

Beachvale Estates is an estate subdivision in rural Kanata in very close proximity to Kanata's high tech campuses and all of the amenities that Kanata has to offer.
Street(s) Beachvale Lane, Beach Heights
Builder(s) Doyle Homes, House Legends, custom
Natural Gas Yes

Black Horse Run

Black Horse Run is an established rural subdivision directly off Old Second Line. This close-knit, quiet, cul-de-sac community is beautifully wooded.
Street(s) McCord Drive
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas Yes
ISP Bell, Rogers

Cedar Hills

Street(s) Derbyshire Street, Terbol Court
Number of Lots 28
Natural Gas Yes

Loch March Estates

Loch March Estates takes its name from the Loch March Golf and Country Club which is right next door.
Street(s) Nash Way, Rolston Way, Sharne Lane, Thomas Fuller Drive
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas Yes

Marchbrook Circle

You won't find an area of rural estate homes that is closer to Kanata than Marchbrook Circle. Located just at the northern edge of Morgan's Grant, this enclave of high-end homes is one of rural Kanata's more established communities.
Street(s) Marchbrook Circle
Natural Gas yes

March Crest Estates

The rural Kanata community of March Crest Estates features gorgeous lots, some level and some gently rolling with mature woods and beautiful rock outcroppings.  Some lots border on protected conservation lands which are protected from future development, ensuring a permanent natural sanctuary just steps from your front door.  March Crest is one of north Kanata's newer estate developments and is just minutes from all of Kanata's amenities and high-tech companies.  
Street(s) Synergy Way
Builder(s) Garand, Maple Leaf, Oakwood
Natural Gas yes
ISP Bell Fibe

Marchvale Estates

Marchvale Estates is a very sought-after rural estate subdivision in Kanata of custom high-end executive homes with handy access to everything that Kanata has to offer.
Street(s) Landel Drive, Maley Lane, Marchvale Drive, Weatherly Drive
Natural Gas Yes

Panandrick View Estates

Located in Kanata North only minutes from Kanata's high-tech campus, shopping and many amenities, this rural estate subdivision offers the peace and tranquility of country living within minutes of all the City's amenities.
Street(s) Nadia Lane, Panandrick View Drive
Builder(s) custom
Natural Gas Yes


Ravenview is one of Kanata North's newer rural estate subdivisions.  Located just off Old Second Line and Murphy Side Road, this subdivision is only minutes from Kanata’s high tech campuses and amenities.
Street(s) Ravenview Way
Builder(s) Doyle Homes
Number of Lots 21
Natural Gas Yes

Ridgeside Farm

Ridgeside Farm is a community of homes located in rural Kanata. Surrounded by farmland, forest and protected wetlands, residents enjoy a natural setting, while being close to schools, shopping, and other amenities.  Homeowners enjoy access to almost 10 acres of common property including over 3 km of walking paths, a park with a play structure and pond. The common lands are privately owned and managed on behalf of Ridgeside Farm residents by the Ridgeside Farm Homeowners Association (RFHA).

Street(s) Bradbury Court, Ridgeside Farm Drive
Builder(s) LandArk and Shellstar
Natural Gas Yes
Association Yes

Saddlebrooke Estates

Saddlebrooke Estates is a community of custom homes located in rural Kanata.  Surrounded by large tracts of heavily wooded land either privately held or owned by the City and designated as environmentally significant.  Residents enjoy an unprecedented natural setting with an abundance of wildlife all while being in close proximity to schools, shopping and other amenities.   300 acres of protected parkland surround the area, guaranteeing a lifetime of privacy with no possibility of further lighting fast fibre optic Internet access.
Street(s) Edith Margaret Place and John Aselford Driveway
Builder(s) Aselford Martin, custom
Natural Gas No
ISP Community Fibre Company, Xplornet
Association No

Strathmere Estates

Strathmere Estates provides a very convenient location at the corner of March Road and Old Second Line.  A beautifully wooded area that puts on the most spectacular display of fall colours, this subdivision is incredibly handy to all of Kanata's amenities and high tech campuses.
Street(s) Monaghan Lane
Natural Gas Yes
Association Yes

Vance Farm

Vance Farm is a neighbourhood of beautiful and timeless Craftsman-style homes in rural Kanata.  The subdivision was established on land that was purchased by Irwin Vance, an Irish immigrant who came to Canada in 1840 and set up business in the Village of Carp.  Irwin Vance purchased the land for his son Thomas and the land passed through generations of the Vances who grew grain and raised cattle and still farm to this day in West Carleton. The homes of Vance Farm are all inspired by the Craftsman Movement. Beginning in the early 20th century, Craftsman-style architecture gained momentum for its sense of comfort and practicality while still being beautiful. The over-extended eaves of Craftsman roofs lend themselves to having spacious porches on the front of houses, which featured thick, tapered columns along the perimeter. Typically, the exterior of these homes had painted wood siding, but accents of stucco or stone were used fairly often as well—the common theme being an emphasis on earthy tones. In short, the homes of Vance Farm offer a homogeneous architectural style and beautiful spaces for today's busy families.
Street(s) Goodman Drive, Harigan Place, Roycroft Way
Builder(s) LandArk Homes
Natural Gas Yes
ISP Bell
Association No

Jordan Estates

Jordan Esates is an impressive collection of exquisite high-end homes just on the outskirts of Stittsville.  This is a highly-sought after area of custom homes.
Street(s) Ironstone Court
Builder(s) custom
Number of Lots 29
Natural Gas Yes
Association Residents pay a small annual stipend to maintain a private 4-acre park with play structure, other amenities and a pathway.

Ridingview Estates

Ridingview Estates is one of rural Stittsville more established communities.  Built by Land Ark Homes, the homes are all built in the Craftsman style.
Street(s) Ridingview Crescent
Builder(s) Land Ark
Number of Lots 29
Natural Gas Yes

Ridgewood Estates

Street(s) Dewmont Street, Huntingford Street, Westar Farm Way
Builder(s) Cardel Homes, Grizzly Homes, custom
Number of Lots 77
Natural Gas No
ISP Bell Fibe

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